Autoencoding Blade Runner
24 March 2017

screening/talk by Terence Broad at PANDO@EnclaveLab, 17.08.2016

Terence Broad is an artist and research engineer at Goldsmiths, where he recently completed his Masters in Creative Computing. His focus has been on the generative capabilities and creative applications of artificial intelligence. He made a reinterpretation of the film Blade Runner from the memories of an artificial neural network. As this is the first film of its kind, the work raises questions about artificial subjectivity and authorship.

Broad presented samples of his work on autoencoding in the context of an illustrated talk, followed by a group discussion.

PANDO is a curatorial collective investigating proxy politics as an artistic counter strategy. A proxy is defined as a decentralised and immaterial object; an agent of withdrawal that allows for anonymous re-entry. PANDO@EnclaveLab is a space of experimentation, exploring various manifestations of artistic proxies over a 5 week period. These manifestations focus on technological, economical and social conditions the artists deal with by utilising the proxy as a method of departure from the art market, the institution, authorship or identity politics. Supported by: Enclave, Goldsmiths University of London, GoldsmithsGallery.

Autoencoded Blade Runner, Terence Broad, 2016