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28 March 2017

Words to that affect

produced by
The Institute of Immaterialism

presented at Long Winter, Toronto


Left Behind in the Golden Age? Stuffed inside a bee larva pavilion, sterile piles of language culled from the hive mind are going to help us harness your subvocalisation and bombard you with therapeutic radiation.

*Video available here.

The Institute of Immaterialism is an event-based publishing project that spawns experiences designed with the immaterial forces that shape our contemporary social landscape. We work with artists, pale ontologists, paleontologists, anglers, wranglers, and economists to collectively explore immaterial markets, social networks, pecking orders, and power struggles. We temporarily give ourselves over to instructions. A loose series of minutes are collected and circulated freely.

Co-edited by Cressida Kocienski and Erik Martinson.