Stay the Same Never Change
17 April 2017

Laurel Nakadate

co-curated with Andrea Cooper

presented at
Pleasure Dome

co-presented by
Toronto Reel Asian
International Film Festival

and Prefix Institute
of Contemporary Art

Pleasure Dome is pleased to present the Canadian premiere of Stay The Same Never Change. Written, shot and directed by Laurel Nakadate, this debut feature film situates itself at the crossroads of visual fact and narrative fiction. Though the story is scripted, it is set in the real Kansas City homes of its amateur actors. It’s a story about people and the lives they’re living while wanting more. Whether it’s a family man looking for beauty or a young woman obsessed with polar bears and Oprah, the characters in this film reveal quiet lives laden with sadness and desire. The film’s soundtrack features original music composed by Owen Ashworth and performed by Casiotone for the Painfully Alone.

Stay the Same Never Change, Laurel Nakadate, 2009