Our Future is Elsewhere
20 March 2017

Goldsmiths MFA Curating

Graduate Residency
The Owl Barn, Gloucestershire

08 – 10.07.2016

Our Future is Elsewhere is a collective project. It is a withdrawal from the space of formal curatorial education in an academic institution and its potentiality as yet another exhibition space during the MFA Fine Art Degree Show. Instead of putting our energies into producing a public outcome the graduating class of MFA Curating organised a rural retreat at The Owl Barn residency in Gloucestershire from Friday 8th – Sunday 10th July 2016. This was an act of mutual care, of tending to our needs in order to better care for the needs of others – for artists and for publics. The aim was to share experiences and anxieties, as well as tactics and plans, to catch up with each other, to talk, and to listen as we push our horizons back, as we make our futures present tense.


Gabriela Acha, Francesca Altamura, Tamar Clarke-Brown, Nathalie Boobis, Andrew Brown, Ashlee Conery, W. Giovanni Gonzales, Tamar Hemmes, Jay Chun Chieh Lai, Samantha Lippett, Christian Lubbert, Helena Lugo, Erik Martinson, Katy Orkisz, John Kenneth Paranada, Cecily Rainey, Mateusz Sapija, Ying-Hsuan Tai, Bar Yerushalmi, Elena Zaytseva, Jessica Ziskind

Poster with texts produced during residency available here.

Additional images and notes available here.