Its origins are indeterminate
21 March 2020

Texts for Its origins are indeterminate, a four programme screening series held at Close-Up Film Centre + Whitechapel Gallery, London, 14.03 + 17.03.2018.

*Its origins are indeterminate Programme Guide + Essay by Erik Martinson, designed by Gaile Pranckunaite, available here.

Essay subheadings match each of the four programmes: Strain Andromeda The; Making a hunter’s bluff out of a word; The black curtain is the instant when the eyes shut; We want superior forms of corruption.

*Additional essay The world is all that is the case, by Nina Trivedi, available here.

*Postcard print by Linda Stupart, including an excerpt from Virus (2016, Arcadia Missa), available here.

Supported by the inaugural Stuart Croft Foundation Special Projects Award.

*Information on the series available here.